No matter where in the world you are, nothing makes you feel like you’re having a nice relaxing day at the beach more than a bottle of one of our Caribbean Refreshers.

CariFreshers is a delicious Brooklyn-based Raw, Juice, and Booster Company for people with discerning tastes who love Refreshing Caribbean Flavors and prefer All-Natural Juice which reminds us of well... Paradise!

Named and inspired by places in the beautiful tropical destinations we call home, our CariFreshers are made from the freshest ingredients, inspired by the Caribbean countries we’re from- like Barbados, Trinidad, and Antigua. We are delighted to produce and deliver our juices to you with a smile. 

Our CariFreshers are all about being: Fresh, Delicious, and All-Natural. 


We also make it easy to load up on essential nutrients by engineering some delicious fruit and vegetable Super Detoxifiers...  which are also easy on the taste buds. 

ImPortance of Fresh Cold-Pressed Juice

We've spent time all over the Caribbean learning about the health benefits that natural juices provide- like regulating the alkaline in your body and detoxifying the blood, in addition to just making you feel and look great. Other juices from fruits and vegetables help with asthma, diabetes, and cancer among other ailments that currently plague us today. 

It is no secret that diet plays a major role in our health. For example, did you know that you could actually reverse diabetes just by changing the way you eat? It is also widely known that certain juices can cure depression and do much to reduce stress.   

CariFreshers provides access to the juice we need to live long, healthy, happy, tasty CariFreshing lives. 

- Jeremy